Southwold's coastal habitats

The Denes, immediately south of the town, are rich in wild flowers. Scarce species like sea holly and sea pea persist among the clumps of marram and, in the short turf, many different tiny flowers bloom in spring, such as early and changing forgetmenots, various clovers and spring vetch.

A major change in recent years was the loss of massed yellow tree lupins which were decimated by large, blue American aphids in the early 1990s but which are now returning.

Ttree lupins on Southwold Denes in June 1992.

A few years later the lupins had all but vanished thanks to the work of blue American aphids.
However, recovery is now under way.

Sea holly

Sea pea

Constantly eroding cliffs at Easton Bavents, north of Southwold Pier.