Where could I stay in Southwold in the 1900s?

The Grand Hotel

Top: Contemporary postcard of the Grand Hotel. Below: Another contemporary postcard view. P2761

Contemporary postcard of the Grand

Extract from the tariff of the Grand Hotel

Extract from the tariff.

The Grand Hotel is now open – facing the new Pier that brings you safely from the Belle Steamer. The hotel’s furniture is supplied by Shoolbreads of Tottenham Court Road; there’s a lift, and radiators in every room. You’ll find a billiard room, reading room and smoking room, plus tennis courts and gardens. Nearby there’s the Marlborough Hotel (below P2914) which is similarly tastefully furnished and well-appointed.

For visitors on a budget, there’s the Station Hotel or the Temperance Hotel. Or if you’re strapped for cash, why not share a house with a local family ? They’ll move into the back room while you use the main house, and the wife usually does the cooking for you.