How can I travel to Southwold in the 1800s?

On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday, a Steamer can drop you off on its way to or from London – and as long as you’ve got two shillings, a local oarsman will bring you safely ashore. If you’re coming by road, then it will have to be by your own horse drawn carriage.

Soon we hope to have a branch of the railway serving Southwold but until then the Swan Hotel coach will pick you up from Darsham station.

You can learn more about the history of transport to Southwold by clicking on the Transport story-line

Mrs Catton's horse-drawn omnibus which pied between the Swan Hotel and Darsham Station

Since 1860, Mrs Catton's horse-drawn omnibus has carried holiday makers between Darsham Station and the Swan Hotel l P1642